THR Media

is a social enterprise using new media and technology solutions in helping women and girls break free, find shelter and recover from Sexual and Gender-Based Violence which includes domestic violence, trafficking and other types of exploitation.

SGBV survivors are mostly socially excluded from services that can support their recovery. Most support services are generalized and not custom made for the period of recovery or even prevention of recurrence.

Our Vision

is to see a world with reduced incidence of SGBV amongst girls and women, full recovery and social reintegration of survivors.

Our Services

ensure we advocate, intervene, empower and support recovery.

Our Projects

Herfessions Mobile App

Her-fessions is an app which provides an anonymous platform designed to enable support to victims and survivors (of SGBV); ensuring that any woman requiring assistance will be able to reach the requisite support, access relief, and would be provided with the education and tools necessary to heal and thrive.

The mobile app serves to map the resources available to women experiencing violence, building a community of support, and also providing anonymity. It will be a mobile and virtual ecosystem of collaborative agencies that will provide legal aid, vocational/educational, health, psycho-social support, shelter, feeding, and government enforcement agencies.

CAST (Community Advocacy and Storytelling)

This is our advocacy tool for promoting social justice, peace and safe spaces for women and girls (SDG5 and SDG16).

THR media allows victims and survivors tell their story under anonymity (during *Tehila series*) – these stories are used (with approved consent ) to develop film scripts, produce short films and documentaries used in advocacy and prevention activities, events and fairs on the impact of sexual and gender-based violence to a cross-section of civil societies, government representatives, women and girls from secondary and tertiary institutions. We have reached 24 civil society groups, partnering NGOs, government and 3137 women and girls with our network spanning Lagos (South-West), and Calabar (South-South), and a growing online presence (Youtube) of over 800 viewers

TEHILA Series (Safe Space Meetings)

A physical empowerment event that supports survivors’ mental health, well-being and financial stability.

The series includes storytelling sessions, self-defense training, therapy, goals setting sessions, mobile photography training, as well as graphic design. The meetings venues are carefully chosen – and only admit registered members.

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Creative Services

Backed by research and our experience, we advise and provide social development agencies, organizations with strategies and creative communication products that drive social change and advance brand missions, using new media and technology.

These services include:

- Content creation

- Design

- Video production

- Crafting and implementing strategies

- Social media plans and campaigns.

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